Who We Are Copy

We Sisters of the Precious Blood Sisters are a monastic community called to a MINISTRY OF PRAYER, within contemplative community life.  We devote our lives to singing God’s praises, both in liturgical and personal prayer.  We offer ourselves on behalf of the whole human family in reparation, intercession, praise and thanksgiving.  Prayer touches every person and lifts up the whole earth into the merciful heart of God.  The many requests for prayer that we receive keep us in touch with the needs and sufferings of our world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you see yourself as being part of the Church today?

There are many different ways of serving in the Church (e.g. teachers, preachers, social workers, parents, etc.). We believe that our Ministry of prayer, while hidden,  is vital in sustaining the Church, and those who are called to minister on the ‘front lines’.